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Kodak discontinues T-Max P3200 black & white film

Kodak has quietly announced the discontinuation of its Professional T-Max P3200 black-and-white film, citing low demand.

“Due to low sales volumes, Kodak is ending production of Kodak Professional T-Max P3200 Film,” reads a statement published on Kodak’s website. “The demand for ultra high-speed black-and-white film has declined significantly, and it is no longer practical to coat such a small volume of product.”




The T-Max P3200 is the latest Kodak film to bite the dust following the discontinuation of the Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100G, Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100VS Film and Kodak Professional Elite Chrome Extra Color 100 films, as well as Kodachrome in 2010.

With the discontinuation of the T-Max P3200, Kodak now suggests photographers turn to its T-Max 400 film, dubbed TMY-2. “The latitude of TMY-2 allows it to handle one stop of underexposure (EI 800) without being pushed,” claims Kodak. “In low light situations, TMY-2 delivers very good results when exposed at EI 1600 with increased development time.”

It adds: “Even though P3200 is approximately two stops faster than TMY-2 at comparable contrast levels, that extra speed comes with a significant grain penalty. In fact, for most applications TMY-2 is actually the better film choice. The exception would be extremely low light situations where P3200 might be able to pull out some shadow detail that would otherwise be lost with TMY-2.”

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