The DARKroom Initiative

Darkrooms are hard to come by in Malaysia. That’s why here at f64 we have decided to rent out our darkroom, calling this project The DARKroom Initiative.

If you don’t have a darkroom but want or need to do some darkroom work, this is the place to go.

Open from 10am – 6pm every 3rd and 4th weekend of the month (unless stated otherwise), it is located in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya and has all the necessary equipment. It is also air conditioned with easy access to running water and a spacious area to dry your negatives or prints.

Bookings to be made 10 days in advance.

Equipment list:

  •  Durst M600 enlarger / Omega 4 x 5 enlarger
  •  Minolta CE 80mm lens
  •  Nikkor EL 50mm lens
  •  f-stop timer (requires extra RM 50)
  •  Ilford MG developer, fixer (B&W paper are sold separately)
  •  other misc equipment, e.g trays, tongs, easel grain focuser, etc

Price: RM 300/day (10am – 6pm) OR RM 50/hour (10am – 6pm)

Deposit of RM 300; refundable after every session

*prices stated are in Ringgit Malaysia. For international customers/buyers, please contact us for a quote in your preferred currency.