Another price increase on Fujifilm photographic films coming next month

Fuji film price increase Another price increase on Fujifilm photographic films coming next month

Today Fujifilm announced another “substantial“, at least double digit price increase on Fujifilm photographic films effective from April 2013 onward. Just a reminder that in May last year the company already had a 20% across the line price increase on black and white, color negative, and color reversal films in the US. If you are shooting film, check the current Fujifilm offering and pricing at B&H and Adorama.


FUJIFILM Corporation has announced that it will implement a worldwide price increase for its photographic films. The price increases are substantial and it would be an increase of at least double digit, but will vary depending on products, markets and regions.

1. Products: Photographic Film: Color Negative Film, Color Reversal Film, Black and White Film and Quick Snap.

2. Date of Price Increases: Effective from April 2013 onward

The demand for film products is continuously decreasing and the cost of production, such as raw materials, oil and energy, continues to rise or stays at a high level and cost increase associated with lower volume becomes much serious. Under such circumstances, despite our efforts to maintain the production cost, Fujifilm is unable to absorb these costs during the production process and is forced to pass on price increases.
To sustain its photo imaging business, Fujifilm has decided to increase the price of photographic films.
Fujifilm remains committed to photographic products despite its price change.
The new pricing structure will be applied to each market based on its individual conditions.


Ilford Obscura Pure Pinhole Camera

Film and paper company Ilford has a bit of a history of producing weird and wonderful cameras. In 2011, Ilford released the Harman Titan 5×4 Pinhole Camera, and last year saw them craft a 6m long walk-in camera in Switzerland. The newly unveiled Ilford Obscura Pure Pinhole is quite a bit smaller than that, but still a curious device.

As reported by ePhotoZine, the Obscura Pure Pinhole will features a fixed 87mm lens, a magnetic lock, and it can be loaded with either 4×5 film or paper (in fact, it comes bundled with three packs of film: Ilford Delta 100, Ilford MGIV, Harman Direct Positive Paper).

Unfortunately, Ilford’s website doesn’t have any information about this intriguing little pinhole camera yet, but according to ePhotoZine, it’s expected to launch in the UK this Easter for £69 (around $100). We haven’t heard anything about a USA release, but the Harman Titan did eventually make its way stateside, so you might be able to pick one up one day.



Little Red Market is back!



The Little Red Market is back! And F64 is invited to participate in this cheery handmade craft market again. This is our third time joining LRM so we are really excited to meet old friends and make new ones.

As usual, our hand made prints are for sale which includes darkroom prints, alternative prints like cyanotype and lumen prints. We have other odds and ends for sale as well like B&W developing kits, alternative photography kits, photography books, films.

Or just come by and have a chat!

This Handmade 20×24-Inch View Camera Has Eight-Foot Bellows

This Handmade 20x24 Inch View Camera Has Eight Foot Bellows largestview

Earlier this week, we shared how photography student Mark Hilton has been hard at workconstructing a 20×16-inch ultra-large-format camera by hand. If you found that impressive, get a load of photographer Tim Pearse’s handmade 20×24-inch view camera.

Pearse tells us he constructed the camera last year while he was a student at the Plymouth College of Art in Plymouth, England. His goal with the project was to “answer the question of whether a craft based ethos could be applied to modern photographic practice and whether or not this approach was still relevant in a forward looking, progressivist sphere, the type of which photography is steadily becoming.”

Here are some sample photographs he has captured so far using the beastly camera:

This Handmade 20x24 Inch View Camera Has Eight Foot Bellows tumblr m2zu67c1c91r6wvvfo1 500

This Handmade 20x24 Inch View Camera Has Eight Foot Bellows tumblr m3f1rsByhj1r6wvvfo1 500

This Handmade 20x24 Inch View Camera Has Eight Foot Bellows tumblr m3t3mtYvRJ1r6wvvfo1 500

Full article at:×24-inch-view-camera-has-eight-foot-bellows/

Photog Captures Time in Stunning Color Pictures Using a Pinhole Camera

Photog Captures Time in Stunning Color Pictures Using a Pinhole Camera matthewallred8 sm

When Matthew Allred isn’t teaching photography to his students at the University of Utah, he’s out creating incredible works of photographic art with the simplest of tools; the pinhole camera.

Allred calls his process ‘Heliography’, a term first coined by pioneering French photographer Joseph-Niépce in 1822 to describe his photographic invention. Allred’s process is not too dissimilar from Niépce in the fact that he constructs his own cameras and even goes as far as formulating his own chemistry for the task.

He describes Heliography as:

A photographic process that utilizes pinhole cameras and ultra long exposures, ranging from 24 hours to 6 months. The resulting images are landscapes which feature the path of the sun. In the longer multi-month exposures the Sun’s path can be seen shifting with the seasons.

Check out this stunning example which not only captures the Sun’s arc, but its reflection on an office building too:

Photog Captures Time in Stunning Color Pictures Using a Pinhole Camera matthewallred3 sm

Earlier today we showed you ultra fast, high-definition photographs of the Sun. Allred’s Heliography work is a very different take on the same subject. In his artist statement, which can be read in full on his website, Allred makes an important point about photography and the capturing of time. When photographers want to capture tiny snippets of time they turn to the latest in technology, whereas when a long exposure is needed, they’ll resort to the most basic forms of photography such as a pinhole camera.

Lomography’s New LomoChrome Purple Film Snaps Infrared-esque Photos

Lomographys New LomoChrome Purple Film Snaps Infrared esque Photos lomochromepurple400

Lomography has announced a brand new line of film called LomoChrome, and the first product is LomoChrome Purple 400. Available in both 35mm and 120 formats, the film allows photographers to shoot infrared-style photographs without any special gear or filters.

Although the resulting photographs look quite different from standard color negative film, Purple400 is developed using the same C-41 process, meaning you’ll be able to drop it off at your local photo lab for developing.

The new film mimics the style of Kodak’s old Aerochrome film line, which was used by the US military for infrared-style aerial photographs. It was more recently used by photographer RichardMosse for his images documenting Eastern Congo.

Aerochrome was killed off in 2007, and now Lomography has brought a very similar kind of film back into the spotlight with the Purple 400.

Film development lead Georg Thaler tells The Phoblographer that the company spent years figuring out how to shift the colors of ordinary color negative film.


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Jessops Camera Chain in Administration

Troubled High Street camera retailer Jessops has gone into administration, with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) appointed as the administrator.

In recent years, it has been hit by increasing competition from supermarkets and internet retailers.

Jessops, which was founded in Leicester in 1935, has 192 stores in the UK and employs about 2,000 staff.

The administrators said that it was “inevitable” that some stores would have to close.

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End of the Road: Zeiss Ikon Rangefinders To Be Shuttered


End of the Road: Zeiss Ikon Rangefinders To Be Shuttered zeiss2

After bidding farewell to the Super Wide and Silver editions of its Zeiss Ikon 35mm rangefinder earlier this year, Cosina is officially saying goodbye to the last of the Zeiss Ikons, relegating the whole line to the history books. The news, which began as a rumor based on this tweet by one of Cosina’s retailers, has since been confirmed by The Phoblographer with the company itself.

End of the Road: Zeiss Ikon Rangefinders To Be Shuttered zeiss3

For those of you unfamiliar with the Zeiss Ikon, all three now-discontinued models were M-Mount alternatives to Leica’s M bodies. They were introduced at Photokina 2006, and the silver and black editions soon built up a sparkling reputation due to their exceptional build quality and bright viewfinder (the Super Wide had no viewfinder).

Film enthusiasts who couldn’t afford a Leica found themselves with a high-quality alternative that was still fully compatible with all of their favorite M-Mount lenses.

ILFORD PHOTO Introduces Black & White Disposable Cameras

ILFORD Black & White Single Use Cameras HP5 Plus and XP2 Super

There are 2 film choices available, each giving up to 27 exposures.

The ILFORD XP2 Super Single Use Camera gives the convenience of being able to have the film processed at any High Street photo-processing centre using C41 colour negative systems, with proof prints made on colour paper. These can either be close-to-neutral black and white prints, or colour toned monochrome prints, and are ideal for deciding which negatives to print on black and white paper.

The ILFORD HP5 Plus Single Use Camera is intended for processing at locations with standard black and white film processing and printing chemistry, resulting in true, real black and white prints that have a unique look as the images are made from silver.

These new high quality disposable cameras complete with Flash have a smart clean new look, and each camera is individually packaged with a Euro Hanger in the carton design to enhance display in dealer retail locations. UK Retail Price is expected to be in the region of £8.99 including VAT, excluding processing costs.


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Two Markets

Christmas always brings out the best of f64. This year, we have been picked to participate at two local arts bazaar.

First is the regular funky Arts for Grabs at The Annexe Gallery. As usual, it’s a two day bazaar featuring local artists with lots of handmade products. We have been a regular at Arts for Grabs over the past two years and people are always looking for film photography related goodies there.

For our second market, the local Etsy Malaysia community decided to hold a team market at Hello Deer, a nice establishment at Damansara Uptown on the same weekend. This market is only a one day affair but promises to bring out the best of handmade arts from Etsy Team Malaysia.

Both markets are from 11am – 7pm.  It’s Christmas season, so what better way to buy gifts for family & friends by supporting local arts and crafts!