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Little Red Market is back!



The Little Red Market is back! And F64 is invited to participate in this cheery handmade craft market again. This is our third time joining LRM so we are really excited to meet old friends and make new ones.

As usual, our hand made prints are for sale which includes darkroom prints, alternative prints like cyanotype and lumen prints. We have other odds and ends for sale as well like B&W developing kits, alternative photography kits, photography books, films.

Or just come by and have a chat!

Two Markets

Christmas always brings out the best of f64. This year, we have been picked to participate at two local arts bazaar.

First is the regular funky Arts for Grabs at The Annexe Gallery. As usual, it’s a two day bazaar featuring local artists with lots of handmade products. We have been a regular at Arts for Grabs over the past two years and people are always looking for film photography related goodies there.

For our second market, the local Etsy Malaysia community decided to hold a team market at Hello Deer, a nice establishment at Damansara Uptown on the same weekend. This market is only a one day affair but promises to bring out the best of handmade arts from Etsy Team Malaysia.

Both markets are from 11am – 7pm. ┬áIt’s Christmas season, so what better way to buy gifts for family & friends by supporting local arts and crafts!

Team Etsy Malaysia Handmade Market


If you have been following our progress, we joined Etsy, the online hand made arts & crafts site, last year and subsequently joined the Team Etsy Malaysia as well. Thanks to some hardworking members, we now have a Team Etsy Malaysia market which features some of the local Etsy shops in Malaysia and we have been picked to participate!

We will be selling all things film photography like darkroom prints, alternative photography prints, various films and film photography equipment.

So come by this December 15th, 11am -7pm at Hello Deer, Damansara Uptown and check out the stuff we have to offer!